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Getting around in Hawaii / Renting a car in Hawaii

Getting around in Hawaii / Renting a car in Hawaii

When visiting Hawaii it is essential to rent a car. Yes, there is public transportation (bus, that goes around the island), but you would have to wait for it forever and it's cramped with tourists and students in wet clothes coming back from the beach. Most of the real gems are located in remote areas and everything becomes so much easier and accessible once you got yourself a car.

For example, the whole huge Oahu island with its 950 000 population can be crossed from South to North in about an hour one way. Most highways are going through the center of an island where there are an inactive volcano and a forest surrounding it with some of the most challenging trails to hike.

As for the main highway that loops around the island, the road is scenic in whichever direction you will decide to go. You can find yourself in secluded areas of the beaches where you can spend some private leisure time. It is truly amazing how many more things you can visit and enjoy in Hawaii when you are not limited by specific bus stops.

The cheapest way to book a rental car is to search online in advance on some major aggregator (such as Kayak.com, Booking.com, Expedia.com) and look for so-called "dealer choice" / "suppliers choice". This is when a dealer picks a car for you and you can't really choose what you're getting. But from what I've seen there are 2 types of cars that Hawaiian rental car companies have in their stock: Jeep (SUV) and Mustang (convertible muscle car). Both of those options are a fun way to spend your time driving in Hawaii. Worst case scenario you can always upgrade on the spot. Don't do this if you are arriving on major holidays due to limited availability of cars.

Also, most of the times choosing airport location for renting a car is another great way to save money, since they somehow manage to keep the lowest prices, compared to renting in downtown. And you don't have to worry about returning a car and getting to the airport. It's very convenient.

So, when you rent a car in Hawaii, you can visit farms, temples or preserved areas with gardens and waterfalls. Which one do you want to read about next? Let me know in the comments below.

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